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New Release: 0.3.1-beta
mod_antihak 0.3.1-beta has been available at the sourceforge site for several days now, as well as our mirror. CVS still pending: sorry guys! :( If anyone's interested in assisting with mod_antihak's development, please contact me. Changes from 0.3-beta:
* Easy standard installation thanks to GNU autoconf/automake * Small updates to the source code to accommodate this change * Major restructure of the source tree to accommodate autoconf/automake
Very minor changes to the actual working of mod_antihak itself though. Still, there may be updates I'm forgetting so please don't hesitate to have a look!
Mod_Antihak: First Release!
Version 0.3-beta of mod_antihak has been uploaded. The first public release of mod_antihak is a little difficult to set up, but bear with us - we're working on it! We'd like to hear your feedback regarding mod_antihak at Informetech! Still nothing on the CVS just yet - it's coming! Be patient! :)
Mod_Antihak Website Established!
It's official! The mod_antihak project has been approved by the good people at and our site is now officially underway. A release of mod_antihak won't be far behind. Stay tuned!

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