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Written in response to the increasing popularity of the Nimda and CodeRed Internet Worms, the purpose of Informetech's mod_antihak is to combat the bandwidth consuming activities of the above worms. The lead programmer of the mod_antihak project, Tom Lee, produced results that are currently working to save large amounts of bandwidth on the Informetech server that would otherwise be lost to these worms. Being reasonably new to both Linux programming and Apache modules, Tom thought it would be a good idea to make mod_antihak an open-source project so that it can evolve to become something even more useful. This gives the open-source community (and the system administrators of the world!) an oppurtunity to get their hands dirty with a newcomer to the ever-expanding list of Apache modules.

Currently, mod_antihak blocks:

* Nimda - an Internet worm causing havoc
* Code Red - another popular Internet worm
* sadmind/IIS - yet another malicious worm
A MySQL extension to mod_antihak has been developed and allows for statistics to be recorded - i.e. the number of times a particular worm has tried to compromise your system/take up bandwidth. As of mod_antihak 0.3.1-beta, this feature is considered operational (although still experimental). Anything prior to this release may not be fully operational.

If you have any questions, email Tom (

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