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Informetech, Australia - our web site. Design by Matt Constance and Jeff Hoogkamer. Currently under construction as of October 2001. Forgive the broken links and any other mess you may find :) Major site update is coming early November, so keep your eyes open! Informetech is based in Brisbane, Australia. - the lovely people who are making things such as mod_antihak possible. These guys really are wonderful for providing such excellent services to the open source community.

The Apache Software Foundation - the guys that made the open source Apache HTTP Daemon, without which the Internet would be lost!

PHP - yet more wonderful people providing open source software. PHP is an excellent server side scripting language: I have no reason to use Perl anymore because of these people! :)

MySQL - would you believe there's more? MySQL is an excellent open source SQL server/client suite. They also provide an excellent programming API for writing client applications for the MySQL server! - Sh0ck-Tech's site, a friend of ours who may be so kind as to mirror our site one day if the need arises. Thanks heaps! Show him your support - Linux development news, projects and tips are the order of the day here!

Java: Don't Fear the OOP! - Johannes Claerbout's Java tutorial. This was the tutorial that began my understanding of programming in general. Johannes passed away not so long ago - it's a great loss to the programming community. Visit his incredibly informative, yet easily understandable beginner's Java tutorial.

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